Sheep and lambs on pastureDo you ever wonder why is it that some couples, families or individuals seem to be so “happy” or able to “get along well with others?” Current research is showing that what these families have in common is the ability to practice kindness and generosity as a team/partnership– being “we” and appreciating differences without trying to “change or blame” the other person.   Practicing these traits or characteristics is of course, easier said than done.

Several recommended resources are: The Dance of Intimacy  and Marriage Rules by: Harriet  Goldhor Lerner,  Love Sense by Susan Johnson, as well as, Hold Me Tight by Susan Johnson.  John Gottman is well known for: Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Affectionate senior couple embracing in the park and posing in front of cameraYoung happy couple outdoorsSmall square between the houses of Assergi - Abruzzo - Italy CompanionshipTake a wlk with themulticultural family