Mukltiracial family is having funCouples come in all shapes, sizes and configurations.  There is strength in diversity.  Sometimes having a sense of humor helps, as well, when nothing seems to be going right. Sometimes, simply having a “neutral” party to help sort things out, can give couples a fresh perspective and enough self-respect to be able to “see the bigger picture.” Taking a risk in therapy, showing vulnerability, identifying emotional needs, discussing areas of conflict can be both anxiety provoking and stress producing.  It can also be rewarding, clarifying patterns and triggers that create emotional distance rather than intimacy.  Clients have reported that they “have never worked so hard, as in therapy” however, have made progress and strides in their relationships due to their hard work and choices. Life can be bittersweet. As a therapist, my job is not to fix or enable, it is to validate and encourage as well as challenge clients and families, according to their belief systems and desires for change.  Although we can’t change another person, by making changes for ourselves, we give others the opportunity to see that another way of living and being is possible.  In the meantime, we “reap the benefits” of the changes that we make. Daily practice in small concrete ways creates healthy habits and prevents relapse. Gratitude helps as well.