Depositphotos_34662623_resizeFamily Therapy can address issues related to building healthier relationships, creating rituals and memories across the generations, understanding family history through Narrative Therapy and stories, appreciating differences in Interfaith-Marriages, as well as, redefining “family” to be more inclusive of friends, extended family and community support systems.

For example: My Mom was a Polish Catholic survivor of the Holocaust who immigrated to the United States from Naliboki, Poland when she was 16 years old. She always identified herself as a “Displaced Person.” Her older brother, Uncle Frank, served in the Slave Labor Camps, according to family history. Verbal history included my Mom telling of how her family farm and their community was “burned to the ground.” She lost her biological mother at age 2 years old from tuberculosis.  Multiple losses and inter-generational trauma certainly impacted our family. However, how is it that despite all of this, there is hope and resiliency? And how is this put in the current context of life, to create and continue to create “A Life Worth Living?” One of gratitude and loving-kindness, despite such hardships and emotional pain.

Whether the stressors are due to chronic illness, family conflict, marital infidelity, bereavement, “Empty Nest” transitions, or other issues, let’s talk about how Life can become more meaningful and enjoyable. Namaste.

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Marc Chagall Sculpture

         Sculpture near the Art Center of Marc Chagall in Vitebsk Building Bridges and Intimacy through Inter-generational Dialogue/Family HistoryJapanese bridge