Phone Consultation: An initial phone consult will help determine whether we are a “good fit” and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.  If you or a family member need more intensive services prior to outpatient therapy it is important to know, in order to provide the most appropriate level of care and support.  There are times that an evaluation or assessment at your nearest hospital can be more appropriate.  Crisis management can be challenging for clients and families, however, necessary. Many communities are now training individuals in Mental Health First Aid to be more proactive for families and individuals within the community. This hopefully will help lessen the stigma of mental health issues; as we focus on Wellness and Prevention.

Initial Assessment/Sessions: Our Initial Assessment will include information that can be downloaded from this website and brought with you to the first session, in order to save time and hopefully lessen some of the anxiety.  I am interested in knowing what kind of prior experiences you or a family member has had with the mental health system- both positive and negative, in order to learn from you what has worked in the past, and what has been possibly triggered, in order to hopefully not recreate that experience. Did you “feel heard?” Validated?  Did the therapist track your concerns? Did they check it out with you or did they simply make assumptions? Did you feel safe? Were boundaries clear and respected? Were you comfortable enough to disagree? Did you feel like you had choices, not only within the session, but the option of choosing another therapist, another agency, length/frequency of sessions that may be a better fit for your individualized needs? Were you given additional recommendations whether holistic: yoga, naturopathy, chiropractor, exercise, nutrition or medical/psychiatric: MD, DO, psychiatrist, PCP, Nurse Practitioner that meets your personality?

Confidentiality: HIPAA Laws protect the client and family for privacy and support. Unless a person is a harm to themselves or others, confidentiality remains a given.  Please feel free to discuss this in your first session. A link to HIPAA is also available on this website.

Medication: While medication can be an important aspect for clients, research has shown that therapy along with medication offers better long term results. Medication pros and cons as well as side effects should be discussed with you doctor.

By building on strengths, increasing resiliency, identifying support systems, practicing new behaviors, challenging old beliefs, practicing wellness/prevention it is possible to live a more enriching life.

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